Knowledge E

Strategic Partner

Established in 2012, Knowledge E’s name was fast to become synonymous with collaboration, professionalism, and innovation. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and supported by a team of over 52 highly engaged professionals, Knowledge E works closely with over 200 clients worldwide from various types of organisations and government entities within the research and education sector to support their continued innovation and development and to achieve Knowledge E vision of “A more knowledgeable world”.

Knowledge E works at the heart of the global knowledge economy by supporting nations, institutions, corporations, and individuals in becoming knowledge-based and innovation-driven leaders. Through a variety of professional services and product offerings, Knowledge E assists its clients with the development of human capital. To realise our vision of “a more knowledgeable word” Knowledge E is working towards better discovery, dissemination of scholarly content, and the development of human capital to advance the growth of knowledge-based economies.

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