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Knowledge Fuels Innovation

Helping transform Egypt into a learning society, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank is disseminating the world’s leading scientific, technical, medical, and educational content to all Egyptian citizens free of charge.

Connect students and scholars to the most current and complete content with real-time global search powering your portal.

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Optimize research precision and performance by adding a central index from scholarly sources to your global search spectrum.

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Provide seamless and secure access to research gateways with remote authentication management and single-sign on.

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Combine special collections, institutional archives and custom resources to create richer digital repositories.

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Who We Are

Empowering Education for Everyone.

Education changes lives, and equal access to the world’s richest collections of human research and thought can improve education outcomes.  Muse Knowledge partners with visionary leaders create custom discovery solutions that empower people to educate themselves and others.

What We Do

Knowledge is power. Muse is the circuit.

Our calling is to be the conduit that connects learners to the sources of information they need to support their course of study, research path, or learning quest. We do this by integrating, aggregating and transforming data from thousands of learning resources each day into modern, user-friendly research solutions.

Our Mission

Inspired by people. Powered by knowledge.

Our mission is to make it easier for people to access the vast supply of education and research materials that exist today and bring these to the surface for learning, innovation and growth.  We offer Muse Knowledge discovery tools in an open, affordable way as our contribution to fueling education for all.