Fueling education and innovation

Connect your users to the knowledge by delivering immediate real-time access to the world’s leading digital research and learning resources with Muse Knowledge Search.  When you fuel your content discovery solution with Muse Knowledge Search, you have the freedom to:


  • Design content discovery solutions tailored to the unique needs and preferences of your users – from custom apps supporting focused research, to global gateways that bolster learning, to DIY research portals and more
  • Create meaningful discovery experiences that comb every content source that you choose to curate for your user communities, regardless of where it comes from
  • Deliver personalized discovery tools that meet your users where they are, in their daily workflows and on their devices of choice

Personalized Discovery

Muse Knowledge Search unlocks the universe of curated scholarly and educational materials for your users through powerful all-in-one global search capabilities.   With intuitive on-demand searching, your users comb every content collection you’ve curated for them, all from a one-stop-search box.  Results are mined so your users receive custom-organized results and never miss a relevant resource.  Single-click navigation invites users to explore more, and topic focused features invite uses to use what they find in meaningful ways. A bevy of personalized options are packed into Muse Knowledge Search, making a tailored discovery experience easy to implement for every user community you serve.


An industrial-strength engine, Muse Knowledge Search drives powerful processes behind the scenes, yet the effects are simple and straightforward for your users.


It starts with Muse Knowledge Search’s unparalleled ability to extract value and relevance from disparate content sources. We cover the full range of content and resource types:


  • Scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, library archives, articles, videos, images, blogs, websites
  • Premium resources from online publishers and content aggregators
  • Open access scholarly and education resources
  • Digital education content in any form
  • Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems
  • Search engines, repositories and native databases


Our global federated search translates queries into each target resource in its own language so that complete results are brought back. Robust filtering and extraction run across all itemsfor precision and relevancy, withenhancements performed to enrich results. Every source connection employs the powerful Muse Knowledge Proxy to manage authentication handshakes.  A single, interactive list of rich results delivered right to your user’s device opens the gateway to knowledge, and personalized topic-focused tools encourage continued exploration.

Design Without Limits

Why use Muse Knowledge Search to power your discovery solution?  Here are just a few reasons:


  • Because when you’re free to design discovery solutions without limits, you can create the tools your users want to use, and that enrich the research process and inspire the learning experience
  • Because when you have the flexibility to offer real-time global searching across every relevant resource, regardless of where it comes from, you’re more likely to extract the right results for your users
  • Because when you’re able to adapt your discovery tools to your users needs and preferences, they’re more apt to gravitate to your gateway instead of Google
  • When those patrons can now get library search results tailored to their interests. They can search across a sea of curated academic content, not just the limited pond of one library’s holdings. They can also use the software to explore features that go beyond just search results, including topic-focused research guides and names of campus librarians who can help them further investigate a subject.