Our Solutions

16 years – 30 Countries – 1 Billion Searches – 5 Petabytes of Information

The MuseKnowledge Discovery Toolkit weaves the richest learning and research content into a custom, dynamic repository of the world’s finest scholarly information.  Universities. Governments. Libraries. Scholars. Artists. Educators. We’ve supported their mission both locally and globally since our founding.  And we’ve only gotten better at delivering the information that powers the world’s endeavors.

The powerful, agile Muse Knowledge applications are built to adapt to our customers’ environment, so they can design their solution their way.  Whether standalone or integrated, hosted or locally installed, the Muse Knowledge Discovery Toolkit is built to be configurable by our customers using robust admin tools and deployed in the latest mobile frameworks.

Connect students and scholars to the most current and complete content with real-time global search powering your portal.

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Optimize research precision and performance by adding a central index from scholarly sources to your global search spectrum.

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Provide seamless and secure access to research gateways with remote authentication management and single-sign on.

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Combine special collections, institutional archives and custom resources to create richer digital repositories.

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A Multi-Faceted Toolkit

Modern libraries and e-learning hubs bring the world’s leading research and education materials right to a user’s device, helping make learning and innovation possible for more people in more places.

Muse Knowledge solutions exist to help power these virtual digital libraries, national education portals, research gateways and digital information environments, connecting your users to the content they need to succeed.


The Muse Knowledge Discovery Toolkit gives institutions large and small, global and local, the building blocks to create custom Global Search Environments that support research, education and innovation processes.


With the universe of content and technology choices available today, we understand that there’s more than one way to achieve results, and so we’re committed to supporting multiple paths to achieve our partners’ desired outcomes.   That’s why the multi-faceted Muse Knowledge Discovery Toolkit is designed for ultimate flexibility, adaptability and openness:


Flexibility of content, so any type of resource or content collection you choose, from any available source, public or private, is included


Adaptability of design, so your information environment is created exactly the way you want it, from the user experience to the mobile integrations and more.


Openness of approach, so the most efficient, affordable tools and methods are used, in the way that works best for your team, your users and your budget.

Our Process

Careful Construction

Every Muse Knowledge solution is a careful construction of planning and collaboration.  Our customers are the designers, and they get to configure their Muse Knowledge solution their way, to match the needs and outcomes as they’ve defined them.


Our solutions are designed to support our customers’ unique visions and missions, and so we start every project by understanding what our customers want to accomplish and why this matters to them and the people they serve.  Our process is then to help our customers craft the digital learning and research environments that most effectively and affordably meet their objectives.  Here’s what you can expect:


From day one the Muse Knowledge local and global team works with you to devise a project plan that suits your needs. We’ll help you plan your solution from the start by reviewing your content and technology needs, your strategic plans and the end-user outcomes you’re supporting.  Our qualified, experienced specialists will thoughtfully review each step of your project with you, to ensure every aspect works for you and your budgetary parameters.


You’ll be matched with an experienced Project Manager who’ll oversee your project from creation to installation to ongoing support.  Your Project Manager will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that the Scope of Work for your project is clear and complete, and that your entire project is delivered smoothly and in line with best practices for installation, implementation, training and support.


Throughout the project our Muse Knowledge team of experts will thoughtfully guide you through every step of the creation process.  Whether you choose a full service implementation, or a more autonomous hands-on deployment, you’ll be supported by our local and global specialists from start to finish.


Our select support extends well beyond the initial implementation, with dedicated Muse Knowledge specialists remotely monitoring and supporting you day-to-day, and authorized experts on call locally to assist you in any part of your process.


We offer a comprehensive range of support and maintenance packages, with near round-the-clock web-based support and phone support during your local business hours.  Muse Knowledge solutions are designed so that any potential problems can be diagnosed remotely, providing the quickest and most convenient service for customers.  While the majority of issues are easily resolved with remote assistance, if we can’tefficiently resolve your problem remotely, we’ll send a qualified engineer to your location to diagnose and fix your issue.