MuseKnowledge Release

MuseKnowledge is thrilled to announce a new release of The Muse Platform, Version, which brings the latest features for its tools used by customers worlwide to power their library portals.


Important accessability features were introduced in the MuseKnowledge Federated Search and Discover applications, such as Text2Speech and holdings information. The Text2Speech functionality was added to help people with vision impairments. More exactly the results metadata can be read into natural-sounding speech.


A Muse LinkResolver application was introduced to offer seamless access to electronic full-text content across vendor platforms for a provided citation, relying on the OpenURL protocol.


The updates from version include new features and enhencements for the following components:


  • Muse Federated Search and Discover Applications, version 8.8
  • Muse Proxy, version 5.5
  • Muse LinkResolver, version
  • Muse Identity Manager, version
  • Muse Core and Modules
  • Muse Administrator Consoles
  • Muse Control Center
  • Muse Central Index
  • Muse Statistics Platform


For a full list of new features and functions, please visit our product website