Make Any Content Source a Feed Source

Muse Knowledge Harvest is a powerful content aggregator that delivers up-to-date information feeds from a universe of sources.  Gather content from news sites, databases, search engines, weblogs, social media and any other source on-demand or on-schedule, and have it delivered ready for integration in your online publishing and content management systems of choice.

Capture your Content in Context

Content that’s scattered across silos and exists in many formats presents a unique challenge that Muse Knowledge Harvest expertly addresses.  With powerful integrations, Muse Knowledge Harvest seamlessly collects content from the sources and services you select.  While robust aggregation helps you cover more content, tailored extraction ensures your data is adapted in ways that work for you.  Whether aggregating content from mainstream services or secure private silos, Muse Knowledge Harvest dependably delivers reliable, relevant content to power any information landscape.

Create New Information Collections

Whether you want to build easy-to-read feeds from mainstream sources, or channel authoritative news on niche topics, Muse Knowledge Harvest helps you bring new sources of information to the people you serve.  Collecting current news from the publications you trust, following fresh ideas from new authoritative voices, diving deeper into specialist sites – Muse Knowledge Harvest can populate any collections you want to create to accelerate the outcomes that matter to you.