Muse Knowledge Proxy is an easy to use SAML 2.0 compliant authentication gateway bringing your users seamless, secure access to restricted content.


Libraries, Academics, Governments and Enterprises employ Muse Knowledge Proxy to manage user authentication for any type of subscription, archival or classified content from outside their own computer networks. Installed on servers running a Java Virtual Machine, or run as a Hosted Proxy Service, Muse Knowledge Proxy is a highly customizable solution that gives organizations the power to control access and guarantee complete privacy in an increasingly insecure online world.

Proven Protection

Used for over 16 years to manage single sign-on and authentication in Muse Knowledge Search, Muse Knowledge Proxy now packs even more power into its standalone solution.  Built to give you flexibility and configurability, Muse Knowledge Proxy can secure your remote access, privacy and protection in any number of ways:


  • As a Web Access Management solution, Muse Knowledge Proxy delivers transparent single sign-on access to any type of free or authenticated data resource
  • Reverse Proxy, Muse Knowledge Proxy combines web pages from different domains are combined into by rewriting the distant web pages under local domains
  • As a Standard Proxy, Muse Knowledge Proxy directs end-users to target sites via traditional authentication methods, such as IP, ID/Password, LDAP, IMAP, SQL and more
  • As an Anonymous Proxy, Muse Knowledge Proxy uses its proprietary intelligent rewriting capabilities to make Internet activity untraceable, serving as the intermediary and privacy shield between a user’s device computer and the rest of the Internet, protecting the user’s computer identity information

Open Design

Muse Knowledge Proxy has been engineered to easily fit any existing IT structure with open, flexible standards:


  • Java based implementation, so your IT staff can use familiar management, deployment, and monitoring tools.
  • Native multi-tenant design, so you can support multiple organizations from one installation
  • XML format software configurations, so you can easily manage changes
  • Support for authentication mechanisms that other rewriting proxy solutions don’t cover
  • Richer configurations for “Sources” than other rewriting proxy solutions definitions

Responsive Support

With dedicated Muse Knowledge specialists on hand to support you day-to-day, you can make the most effective use of your Muse Knowledge Proxy solution.  Whether locally installed or hosted, we offer a full range of support services, with near round-the-clock web-based support and phone support during your local business hours.