An Optimized Approach

Muse Knowledge Hybrid brings a powerful new approach to content discovery.  Combining real-time global federated searching with high performance central indexed searching, Muse Knowledge Hybrid optimizes the search experience for students and scholars.

Bringing the Best of Both

It’s well known that Federated Searching and Local Indexed Searching each offer strengths and weaknesses when it comes to powering the content discovery process. Federated Searching provides breadth of content coverage and real-time results from the many sources searched, yet can yield slower performance and inconsistent results. Indexed Searching brings speed and precision to queries against its local repository, yet can be incomplete and out-of-date in its coverage.


Muse Knowledge Hybrid brings the best of both approaches combined, without the drawbacks of either.   By merging the powerful Muse Knowledge Search environment with a high performance local indexed search engine, Muse Knowledge Hybrid allows users to search across remote and local resources at the same time, and retrieve current, complete results in less time and with more accuracy.

Choose What's Right for You

How do you know if using Muse Knowledge Hybrid to power your research portal or discovery service is right for you? The approach that works best all depends on the content environment you’re creating, the user needs you’re serving, and the user outcomes you’re supporting.


The Muse Knowledge team of specialists is dedicated to supporting your right to design your solutions your way.  That means helping you make the most of what you have, and supporting you each step of the way in your process.


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