Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Under the directive of the Presidential Specialized Council for Education and Scientific Research, a direct initiative of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank initiative, launched in January 2016, is helping build a “a society that learns, thinks and innovates”. The world’s largest digital library, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank brings students, researchers, educators and the general public access to leading education and scientific publications free of charge.  In this nationwide project, Muse Knowledge Search, Hybrid and Proxy solutions are used to power and provide secure access to content from leading publishing houses such as Springer Nature, National Geographic, Discovery, Elsevier, Cambridge, Oxford, Reuters, Britannica, and more.


The first initiative of its kind, the Egyptian Knowledge Bank serves Egyptian citizens of all cultures and ages, ensuring each sector receives tailored content and services according to their interests and needs.


In its first 10 months, 69 million searches were conducted and 32 million materials downloaded.


The Muse Knowledge implementation for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank comprises 140 Academic Institutions and 373 Government Institutions, including 250 Medical Hospitals.