Kentucky Community and Technical College System

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS), a statewide postsecondary education institution with 16 colleges across 70 campuses, use Muse Proxy to enable remote off-campus access for students, faculty and staff to more than 20 premium electronic research resources, via the KTCTS student portals and library discovery and delivery systems.


The KCTCS Muse Proxy solution is a shared enterprise technology running on multiple IPs, with each of the 16 colleges having their own dedicated IP.  The end-user authentication is SAML based, using the existing KCTCS Microsoft Azure Active Directory setup.


Successfully implemented as a "multi-tenant" environment, the KCTCS Muse Proxy deployment leverages the existing infrastructure and people resources to deliver a unified user experience across the 16 college libraries, for high availability of resources and reduced risk of network intrusion.