Muse Knowledge Application 6.0 is here

Muse Knowledge Application 6.0 is our latest web interface that replaces the older and well known MuseSearch Application series, used for more than a decade to search thousands of e-resources on the Internet.  


Built on a whole new concept with a brand new look, the new interface keeps all the traditional features of MuseSearch plus a long list of new ones. The Muse Core API was extended and lightened to deliver a faster and more responsive web interface and is now a Single Page Application that uses the latest web technologies like AngularJS, Boostrap, and Font Awesome.  This delivers a thoroughly updated and more responsive user experience.  


The new MuseKnowledge™ Application is suitable to be used for any device, phone, tablet or PC. It is integration-ready, and playing it inside a parent site is now easier, be it a simple container or a more complex one like a Liferay Portal. It is embedded in both iOS and Android native code, allowing users ultimate flexibility to access more MuseKnowledge™ Applications from their mobile devices.  


Last but not least, the Muse Console for Application Administration has many improvements in sync with the new MuseKnowledge(TM) features and makes administering any older MuseSearch Applications much easier.  


As usual we offer a Free 30 Day Trial period to fully evaluate the new version of the Muse Knowledge Application.  You can request a Trial License Key by filling in the request form here.