Muse Knowledge at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference (ER&L)

Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference (ER&L)


Connect with Muse Knowledge at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference (ER&L) in Austin, Texas during March 8-11, 2020.


For 15 years, ER&L has convened a conference and online learning opportunities to support the improvement of the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources. As technology and our approach to it changes, iterates and improves, ER&L continues its important work, bringing together the many library and industry roles in a thoughtful, collaborative and education-packed conference.


At this year’s conference, Muse Knowledge is co-presenting an Emerging Technologies & Trends session with its longtime partner, Library & Information Resources Network (LIRN). Come hear Managing Director of Muse Knowledge, Aurelian Popescu, and President & CEO of LIRN, Andrew Anderson, as they share LIRN’s experiences with Muse Knowledge Proxy as a platform for managed library access services.


LIRN selected Muse Knowledge Proxy to provide the new platform for its managed proxy service that over 300 colleges and universities worldwide use to provide access for their students, and their presentation will describe the features, functionality, and capabilities that led to this selection.


Be sure to join our session on Tuesday March 10, 2020 at 9:00am in Room 203. You can also learn more about LIRN’s initiatives with Muse Knowledge Proxy by visiting in LIRN at the Exhibition Hall at Table 803.


Check out the ER&L conference website for more information and registration:


We look forward to seeing you in Austin!


About Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L)

Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) is the effort of librarians to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, assess, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing digital environment. Founded in 2005 by Bonnie Tijerina, head of electronic resources and serials at Harvard University, ER&L is an annual physical and virtual conference focused on practical, tactical, and strategic work by e-resources management and digital services professionals to further the field. More information about ER&L can be found at


About Library Information & Resources Network (LIRN)

LIRN is a nonprofit library service and content provider working to strengthen libraries for successful learning—so students can thrive in their academic careers and beyond. We offer our members unrivaled value for resources, a team of caring library experts, and future-focused technology services.


We believe that all libraries deserve access to the technology and resources that enrich schools and empower students, regardless of size or budget. Whether you’re just beginning to build your school’s library, or whether you need an easy way to supplement existing resources—we’re here to help you create a future-ready learning experience. Learn more at


About Muse Knowledge

Muse Knowledge is a software development company founded in 1998 with a mission to make it easier for people to access the wealth of education and resources that exist today and bring these to light for learning, innovation and growth. Muse Knowledge is proud to serve partners and customers in creating custom content solutions to propel education and innovation outcomes. Our Muse Knowledge discovery solutions support modern libraries, e-learning hubs, national education portals and research gateways in connecting people to the digital research and educational materials they need, wherever they are. Learn more at