New MuseKnowledge™ Proxy Version 5.2 Released

Craiova, Romania – June 4, 2020


We are excited to announce the release of a new MuseKnowledge™ Proxy version 5.2, which is available for download with an extended 90-day free trial period now.


Libraries are working harder than ever during the COVID-19 global crisis to serve their communities through their virtual digital library platforms. MuseKnowledge™ Proxy is software that helps libraries securely and seamlessly manage remote access to their digital library resources for virtual users. It does this by validating the remote library user’s identity with digital content providers, so they’re granted access to the library’s full collection of e-resources no matter where they are.


Our new version of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy features critical updates to guarantee the security and continuity of remote user under the new "SameSite=None; Secure" Cookie handling policies required for Chrome80 and other browsers. As ongoing improvements to enable privacy and security across the web, these new SameSite policies affect all web applications that use cookies and are now fully supported in MuseKnowledge™ Proxy across the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers.


In addition, MuseKnowledge™ Proxy Version 5.2 brings significant features and improvements to support easier, faster setup and administration of MuseKnowledge™ Proxy in Self-Hosted environments:

  • Add, remove and manage users through an all-new graphical user interface;
  • Create customized user authentication criteria and groups to better regulate access in keeping with library subscription agreements;
  • Set up and manage changes more speedily with new graphical templates for generating e-resource profiles from scratch;
  • Deploy more authentication service connections, more easily with new login modules for SIP and POP;
  • Load hundreds of applications in less time with improved performances mechanisms integrated in the MuseKnowledgeTM Proxy Administrator Console.


Find a detailed list of all new version capabilities in the MuseKnowledge™ Proxy 5.2 Release Notes.


To support libraries during COVID-19 global crisis, MuseKnowledge™ Proxy Trial periods are now extended from 30 days to 90 days. Request your Trial License Key by filling in our simple trial request form here.